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Use Actual Window Minimizer for more practical and effortless window management
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2 April 2013

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Depending upon the requirement, a particular user is required to work with several folders and documents at a specific time and mannerism which makes it a due responsibility for the user to have his complete attention over the procedures. Several documents and folders open make up for all the space over the task bar and makes it often confusing for the user as the screen looks cluttered and chaotic. Further, often any the users might wish to access several kinds of websites which might not be liked by the employer and even when minimized are clearly visible; avoiding all this clutter and risk there can be a utility which helps in reducing all these problems like Actual Window Minimizer 6.3 which works for Windows systems in making windows management.

Actual Window Minimizer 6.3 works as an extremely useful and practical utility for users working with several programs and applications at one time and wish to de-clutter their task bar at the bottom by minimizing the window to any location on the desktop or system tray. Any window can be minimized to a small icon and placed anywhere as per user comfort and keeps the system neat and free of chaos and crowd. The taskbar is kept empty with it and makes the work pattern more organized; with the user using this to minimize any page which they do not want anyone else to view. The feature can be manually accessed or used automatically by a hotkey and can be deactivated as well with complete ease and smoothness. Any kind of user can apply their individual settings to this application and make suitable adjustments that can work freely.

To sum it up, Actual Window Minimizer 6.3 certainly works as a simplified yet powerful and neat utility for any avid computer user and hence gets a rating of four points for its simple working and suitable performance.

Publisher's description

Actual Window Minimizer was created to bring more convenience in window management, offering new ways for optimizing your workspace that standard Windows functions don't provide. It lets you minimize any window to the system tray, thus leaving the taskbar empty and your workspace more organized. It's also possible to minimize a window to any space on the desktop. The tool has different ways of minimization. You can manually turn on the feature with the special Minimize-to-Tray button in window's title bar, via system window command or using the hotkey. It's also possible to adjust automatic minimization upon window's startup or deactivation. Finally, you can replace the function of default buttons (either Minimize or Close).
The thing particularly helpful for fine-tuning minimization is that the tool can apply individual settings for a single window type. You can either set options for all windows or adjust minimization properties for particular window types. Such division allows you getting precisely the effect you want from working with the program. All the adjustments are extremely easy to set as the interface is very close to ideal and takes no time to familiarize with it. Actual Window Minimizer is also at its best with window compatibility as it supports most of window types, including command prompt windows (also known as console/CMD/DOS ones).
Actual Window Minimizer
Actual Window Minimizer
Version 7.5
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